Business Plan

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    Prospective Tenant’s Business Plan

    Tenant's Name:
    1. What is the nature or type of business you plan to run?
    2. Will you be personally involved in running the business at the proposed location?
    3. What other businesses do you own and operate, if any, and where are they located? Please attach a list of locations.
    4. What experience or training do you have, if any, relative to the business you plan to run?
    5. Do you have plans to hire full-time and/or part-time help? If so, how many and what type of work will they perform?
    6. Give an outline of your specific plans to enhance the interiors of the proposed location; such as paint the interior walls, upgrade flooring and ceiling, install new store signs, new furniture, fixtures and equipment.
    7. How do you plan to promote or advertise the business, and through what media and at what frequency? Internet, Social Media, Local/community newspapers, flyers, radio/tv, discount coupons. Describe briefly.
    8. Do you have any plans in the near future to expand or branch out to other locations? If so, what’s your target date and preferred location(s)?
    9. Hours and days of operation for the business:
    10. Other plans you might consider adding to the above:
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