Reliable Properties

Ethnic areas:    Deep years of experience in Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indian & Middle Eastern communities
Income range:  High, middle or low

Reliable Properties keeps the edge in the real estate industry by being excellent in its areas of expertise.  From an initial call on available property to project conceptualization, to city approvals, construction supervision, marketing, sales and management, the Company has had the capabilities to get the project done by successfully providing the following expertise:

  • Site Selection and Analysis
  • Market Study
  • Attractive and Efficient Design
  • Strategic Management Practices
  • Financing Capabilities
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Market Niche
  • Balancing of creative design with acceptable costs into the planning and design process
  • Wide-ranging Project Coordination
  • Dealing with architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and consultants in contract negotiation
  • Project Concept and Theme
  • Strong marketing and sales activity
  • Quality and timely Construction Supervision
  • Hands on, close and special attention to each project
  • Strong working relationships with city governments and redevelopment agencies

Our Mission

The Company is a pioneer in undertaking projects that can use more care and converting them into successful properties through renovation, redevelopment, more intensive leasing and marketing, providing more services to tenants or putting more funds into the property.

Reliable Properties recognizes the current need of the individual communities, and works with them from start until project completion. The team has a close working relationship with city planners, experienced contractors, marketing specialists, innovative architects and expert consultants.

The creative development and quality design of these projects, combined with the company’s concern for the neighborhood and environment, has earned a successful track record for the company.

Reliable Properties’ understanding of the needs of each neighborhood in their project areas has substantially contributed to the company’s success as a developer. All projects developed by the company have always been successful.